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Freight Drones Will Revitalize Canada’s Remote Communities

by Ehsan Monfared As the civilian drone industry begins down the long road of regulatory legitimization, Canada’s remote communities stand to be unique beneficiaries of the possibilities that this new technology represents. Back in 2010, I had the privilege of partaking in the Katimavik program – a community-service program that sent me to places in… Read more »

Canadian Transportation Agency – International Carriers

We have received various inquiries from our international carrier community regarding several decisions of the CTA on consumer oriented issues.  These have been decisions on overbooking, business names, refunds, tariff filings, overweight passengers, etc.  At least Canada has not yet reviewed tarmac delays. All of these decisions, from our review, are in regard to domestic… Read more »

Overbooking/Delayed Flight

Many of the international carriers for whom we have acted on their entry to the Canadian market, have been surprised that Canada has no regulatory standard regarding air carriers overbooking a flight, or on compensating passengers for delayed flights.  The Canadian Transportation Agency (“CTA”) recently remedied that situation, but only in regard to Air Canada… Read more »