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COVID-19 did little to deter private jet charter in and around Vancouver. The business has in fact grown substantially as post-COVID travelers weigh their options. Even with the prospect of an economic downturn, charter flights using small aircraft occur regularly at Vancouver’s international airport (CYVR) and Boundary Bay airport (YTD/CZBB). Vancouver is, moreover, unique in that Harbour Air flies out of Coal Harbour Airport—a floatplane base. Travelers can obtain relatively inexpensive, yet luxurious, flights by teaming up with friends and family to access this private aviation.
private jet charter vancouver

Private jet charter Vancouver does come with added legal benefits for travelers and aviation operators alike: the Air Transportation Regulations, the Canadian government’s way of regulating the airline industry, requires less regulation of private charters’ contract terms.

In brief, the regulations require an airline offering public service to register a tariff with the Canadian Transportation Agency (‘CTA’). Tariffs are technical documents govern the way in which airlines offer their services and the rates at which these services may be obtained.

Travelers can get full copies of these documents from the CTA, but that process requires some effort. Airlines instead provide summary versions of their tariffs. Whether travelers have read the contract or not, they agree to it as conditions of carriage upon purchasing an airline ticket.

For those who can afford to charter a private jet, the regulations only require that charter operators obtain a permit. The terms of an air operator’s agreement with its travelers are not scrutinized by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

The lower regulatory burden means that charter passengers have to negotiate the terms of their charter contract. Most charter air providers provide standard charter terms and conditions, and these are usually effective. Passengers have to be mindful of these terms, but a mindful passenger is better able to provide informed consent, rather than consent implied as conditions of carriage.

The lower regulatory burden also means that the cost of operating private jet charters is reduced, which makes jet charters affordable for a wider segment of the population.

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    For private jet charter Vancouver, the growth in demand for jet charters and operators’ reduced barrier to entry gives travelers more options—and this, out of more airports. A group of travelers can arrive at Boundary Bay airport and be on their charter for takeoff within twenty minutes.

    YYZlaw contributes to this industry by assisting operators with their aircraft acquisition and Canadian operations.