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Developments in Non-Citizen Trusts and Business Aviation

It has recently come to our attention that one American financial institutions acting as owner trustees for the purposes of aircraft registration under the United States FAA Aircraft Registry system, had begun denouncing their appointments as trustees and commencing the process for either transferring or collapsing the existing trust structures. Background Under the rules for… Read more »

Standing (Blanket) Special Flight Operations Certificates – UAVs & Drones

For example, when the top of the Toronto’s CN Tower was lifted into place using a helicopter, it was carried out in accordance with and under the authority of an SFOC. To date, Transport Canada has reacted relatively swiftly in dealing with the rapidly expanding demand for commercial UAV operations. In addition to the two… Read more »

Transport Canada’s Safety Management Systems (SMS) Non-Punitive Reporting Policy

We were recently consulted by a client concerning an aviation enforcement action that was being undertaken by Transport Canada. The Enforcement Officer alleged certain violations of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) on the basis of a report filed under the company’s Safety Management Systems (SMS). The pilot, who had filed the report, was the only… Read more »

Canadian Transportation Agency – International Carriers

We have received various inquiries from our international carrier community regarding several decisions of the CTA on consumer oriented issues.  These have been decisions on overbooking, business names, refunds, tariff filings, overweight passengers, etc.  At least Canada has not yet reviewed tarmac delays. All of these decisions, from our review, are in regard to domestic… Read more »

Overbooking/Delayed Flight

Many of the international carriers for whom we have acted on their entry to the Canadian market, have been surprised that Canada has no regulatory standard regarding air carriers overbooking a flight, or on compensating passengers for delayed flights.  The Canadian Transportation Agency (“CTA”) recently remedied that situation, but only in regard to Air Canada… Read more »


TARIFFS Over the past few years, the Canadian Transportation Agency has developed a great concern that Canadians booking travel on air carriers, be made totally aware of the legal terms and conditions of the ticket. In the old paper days of tickets, abbreviated and common language terms and conditions were printed as one of the… Read more »

Non-Citizen Aircraft Trusts

Walk the ramps of any Canadian air field and you will find a significant percentage of aircraft, especially general aviation aircraft, under U.S. Registry.  All of these aircraft are in Canada illegally – some more so than others!  Most countries, Canada and the U.S. being included, restrict the registration of aircraft through their Registry to… Read more »