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YYZlaw offers a fully comprehensive range of legal services related to the Canadian aircraft industry.

Aircraft Transactions

Dealing with aircraft transactions can involve managing many moving parts. To ensure there are no loose ends when it comes time to close the transaction, it is important to be mindful of these various factors and considerations. For example, how do the PPSA and International Registry differ as it relates to security against an aircraft? Should you consider using an escrow agent in your next aircraft transaction? 

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Canadian Aviation Issues

The complexities of regulations in Canada that deal directly with aviation, or indirectly impact aviation operations are extensive. We deal with all kinds of interesting and unique files. We help people and companies start a new commercial air service. If you are a commercial air service provider licensed in another country, we can help you navigate the Canadian Foreign Air Carrier Licensing process and answer all of the other questions that inevitably come up. 

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Canadian Travel Industry

Travel industry regulation is primarily geared towards consumer protection. In Canada, travel industry regulation is dealt with on a province by province basis, and each province has taken a different approach to ensuring that the sale of travel services to consumers is done in a responsible manner.

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