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Whose Flight Crew Are They?

Canada is rather unique in western aviation civilizations, as due to constitutional restrictions, it has not been able to enact a central aircraft title registry. However, Transport Canada (TC) is mandated by the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR’s) to establish a custody and control registry, which is called the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register (CCAR). Pursuant to… Read more »

Aircraft Transactions

Aircraft transactions are complicated processes that require detailed knowledge of aviation regulations, business practices, taxation of aircraft assets, and international law – knowledge that YYZlaw has been steadily building over many decades. These processes can be boiled down to three main categories of agreements: i) contracts of purchase and sale, ii) lease or finance agreements,… Read more »

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Commercial Drone Operations and the Law

With the rapid pace of development in the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) sector and the consequent commercial opportunities that follow, entrepreneurs in this emerging industry stand to be among the next generation of great commercial innovators. Already UAVs, more commonly referred to as drones, are being put to work in an assortment of sectors including… Read more »

The International Registry: Protecting Your Aviation Assets

Operating under the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol (CTC), the International Registry of Mobile Assets (IR) provides for the electronic registration and protection of ‘international interests’ in aircraft objects, namely airframes capable of transporting 8 or more passengers or goods in excess of 2750 kilograms, helicopters capable of transporting 5 or more passengers or… Read more »