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We’re aware that as of two weeks ago, deregistration notifications from Transport Canada’s Canadian Civil Aircraft Register to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have not been seamlessly received and accepted by the FAA. This was encountered by one of our non-Canadian clients during the course of an aircraft purchase early this week.

It has become evident that Transport Canada (TC) has changed its form of deregistration notice, a change that was made, seemingly, without notification or consultation with either aviation industry partners or the FAA. Some parties are only discovering the change at or after the closing of a transaction when notified that the FAA would not accept the validity of the new Certificate of Deregistration.

The change appears to have been made in response to TC’s recent audit by ICAO and appears to have been made to bring the TC form in line with ICAO Standards. With respect to the FAA – the Canadian Business Aviation Association commenced advocacy on the issue and appears to have navigated a solution. It is our understanding that TC will be communicating with the FAA, and TC will be publishing updated staff instructions to their personnel.

While business aviation is forced to grapple with the same human resources challenges, its ability to move business teams quickly between meetings and business opportunities continues to be a key factor in driving more and more business travel from commercial airlines to business jets.

See the post by the CBAA here.

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